About Aleshia

Aleshia Jex, TRS, CTRS, CPPC
Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
Certified Positive Psychology Coach
Provider at Real Caring Integrative Therapy

aleishaHi! Aleshia here! Master Play Artisan, Positive Psych Virtuoso, and Recreational Therapy Aficionado.

What that means is I am here, I care, and I will work hard to assist you in building an incredible life. I do NOT do psychotherapy or traditional counseling. What I use is a strengths-based approach using concepts from positive psychology to provide balance in your life, increase your overall well-being, and improve the quality of your relationships. Together, we will engineer what you crave as a life well lived. I can meet with you one on one, with your partner, or your entire family. You can join a support group, retreat, a workshop, or invite me to your place of employment for some team building fun with your coworkers. We can also venture out into the big wide world together and meet at your favorite hiking spot, park, or coffee shop. No matter where we meet, the space I create is a judgment-free zone, inclusive of ALL peoples of ALL abilities. Therefore, I work on a sliding scale so single parents, the uninsured, the fixed incomes, and the ramen eating college kids can join in on the shenanigans as well.

When I am not caring about you as a professional architect for a balanced and high-quality lifestyle, I adventure into the wilds to travel, explore, worship nature, create art, read all the books I can find, and shoot things… as a photographer.

I have had an interesting journey so far: I received my first degree in visual arts, then went on to get a degree in Recreational Therapy and a Positive Psych Certification from the University of Utah. I spent years working within the Utah State Prison System, roamed around Snowbird Resort as a Recreation Specialist, grew with the fun people at the Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation Adaptive Program, climbed literal and metaphorical mountains with the people at Recovery Ways Substance Abuse Treatment Center, and spent a few years doing respite care for the some fantastic kids who happen to have different abilities (one of them had a superpower smile that could force even the gloomiest grimace to turn upside down). I assisted in founding an environment of “creativity as therapeutic expression” with Redemption Art and ARxT nonprofits. Up next… wherever life takes me… I hope you join me on my adventures!