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The Creative Soup Group

This support group’s sole purpose is to provide a safe space to emotionally processes and improve our quality of life through creativity and expressive arts. We will offer expressive art projects and art journaling as well as assistance with your personal projects.

1st and 3rd Wednesday Meetups

See Calander for dates


Membership is 149.00 per month or 139.00 auto-pay and includes 4 hours a month of support group time, supplies and materials for in group projects, access to The Creative Soup Group’s private Facebook Group, 1/2 hour weekly personal time with me through online chat, or text, and priceless eternal time being free of your emotional baggage after you decide to set it down.

Register here for your ongoing discounted membership.Various payment options and scholarships are available.

If groups are not your thing, I work with clients one on one for 50.00 per hour.

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