Ritual Sunday

Every Other Sunday.

See Calander for dates.

10 am to 12pm

Real Caring Integrative Therapies
1151 East 3900 South  
Park View Building B (also has 1151 on building)
Suite B175 and B199
Salt Lake City, Utah 84124


Regardless of our religious beliefs, or lack thereof, many of us are seeking a greater sense of meaning and purpose in our lives. This group of caring individuals can help you establish a sense of belonging in a busy and hectic world. 

Ritual brings order, harmony, and focus into our lives. It aligns our intentions with our actions. Ritual helps with getting clear on our intentions, whether you are releasing your past, planning your day, or visualizing a successful future. It is for everyone and can be as simple as making yourself a cup of coffee in the morning or writing in a journal before bed. Ritual is an effective way to connect with our higher purpose (A.K.A. “higher power”), with or without religion or dogma.
Ritual isn’t just a bunch of WOO WOO, there is science behind it and why it works. Aleshia Jex brings the evidence-based science into the conversation while Laurie Knowley focuses on the creative states and functions of ritual, together they form a team that can assist you in bringing reverence and special meaning to your chaotic life. 

We truly are what we repeatedly do, so we need to be clear about how we are setting up our lives. It is worth it to create your life with your unique intent.